Disability Rights Action Center

United Spinal Association encourages everyone to get involved and be an advocate and activist. We can facilitate change but only if we actively pursue it.

Advocacy Resources

Mobilize with us by adding your name to our Grassroots Advocacy Network. The Grassroots Advocacy Network is for those advocates who want to be on the cutting edge of change.

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Support The ABLE Age Adjustment Act

We support an increase in the age of eligibility for ABLE account holders from the age of 26 to 46 and hope to have a legislative bill to fix this issue in the 116th Congress.

Support the Civil Rights of People with Disabilities

United Spinal supports the Disability Integration Act (S. 117/H.R. 555) which specifies in Federal Statute that people with disabilities have a federally protected right to a real choice in how and where they receive community services and supports.

Air Travel Wins But We Need to Keep the Pressure On

Congratulations to all of you for helping to change air travel for the better for people with disabilities. As of the Fall of 2018, new consumer protections were signed into law by the President. However, as our President and CEO James Weisman states, as long as discrimination of people with disabilities exists anywhere, United Spinal will continue to fight for equal access and equal rights for all.