Carbon Black WheelchairCarbon Black is an innovative and futuristic wheelchair made almost entirely from carbon fibre, the super-lightweight material used in F1.

Three times the strength of steel, Carbon Black’s innovative carbon fibre is moulded into an ergonomically designed form that is stylish, lightweight and futuristically minimalist in appearance.

With its head office in Scotland and financial backing from Highland Venture Capital and Scottish Enterprise, the company’s vision is to offer enhanced mobility and help change the everyday perception of chair users across the globe by tapping into new markets.

Sleek and beautifully designed, the manufacturers see the Carbon Black chair not just as a mobility and independence aid, but a perception revolution that is changing the wider public’s view of wheelchairs and their users.

Arguably the most compact rigid frame lightweight wheelchair on the market, it dismantles in seconds into easy to transport parts, none heavier than 3.5kg.

The distinctive black chairs can even include LED lighting so that hidden kerbs and other obstacles are visible to users at night.

Carbon Black was specifically aimed at active independent users and with starting prices of £3995 each chair can be custom-built to the user’s requirements, style, colour, as well as a range of experience enhancing extras.