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Discount Catheters – Offering All Types Of Catheters

Discount Catheters

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Discount Catheters is a website that caters to the out-of-pocket buyer and dedicated to offering all types of catheters known in the medical industry. Our direct relationship with innumerable manufacturers enable us to offer you the highest quality catheters and at affordable prices. Ordering online is extremely easy and convenient and we deliver straight to your doorstep.

Discount Catheters offers a full line of Foley and Indwelling Catheters including two and three-way catheters, a complete array of Intermittent Catheters as well as External Condom Catheters. Our portfolio includes all catheter types available: Closed System Catheters, Female Catheters, Hydrocolloid Catheters, Hydrogel Catheters, Hydrophilic Catheters, Pediatric Catheters, Malecot Catheters, Pezzer Catheters, Red Rubber Catheters,Coude Catheters, Straight Catheters, and Suprapubic Catheter. Complementing the various catheters are Drainage Bags, Leg Bags and accessories.

Besides being the go-to store for thousands of clients, we are also a one-stop shop for all medical supplies, offering amazing prices on products including ostomy, respiratory, wound care products, diabetes supplies, mobility equipment, incontinence supplies and much more.

Discount Catheters is a recognized name by many manufacturers and end users alike. With many of our clients being referrals, our customer service and timely deliveries have always been noted as something to share with others in need of medical supplies.

We strive to provide you friendly and helpful assistance with anything you may need and with our relationship with Humana Tricare insurance company as a non-network provider, rest assured we got you covered!

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Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injury can result in paralysis of the muscles used for breathing; paralysis and/or loss of feeling in all or some of the trunk, arms, and legs; weakness; numbness; loss of bowel and bladder control; and numerous secondary conditions including respiratory problems, pressure sores, and sometimes fatal spikes in blood pressure. Approximately 12,000 new spinal cord injuries occur in the U.S. each year. A majority of injuries occur from motor vehicle accidents, falls, work-related accidents, sports injuries, and penetrations such as stab or gunshot wounds.

Our Membership Community

Our membership community provides a lifeline for many individuals that are focused on regaining their independence and improving their quality of life––whether they are leaving rehab after sustaining a spinal cord injury, learning to live with symptoms of a spinal cord disorder, or have spent years of frustration coping with disability. We provide members guidance and resources on a variety of topics they are passionate about, such as employment, affordable housing, transportation, health care, home- and community-based independent living, education, peer support, and leisure and recreation.
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Ask Us

United Spinal’s Ask Us program connects you with information, resources, and access to our “Ask Us Spinal Cord Central” help center. Browse the Knowledge Books below for answers to your questions. If you can’t find what you are looking for just Ask Us and one of our knowledgeable staff will provide you with answers.