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Phone Number 855-470-4410
Location Santa Ana, CA

Since 1987 the Escape Mobility Company produces high quality evacuation equipment, like the Escape-Chair®, Escape-Carry Chair® and Escape-Mattress®

An Escape-Chair® is an indispensable solution for the transport of persons over stairs in the event of a calamity. The easy to operate Escape-Chair® is ready for use within a few seconds and allows a person to be transported over the steps of a flight of stairs.

Why an Escape-Chair®?

  • It is no longer necessary to carry persons
  • Safe evacuation over the stairs
  • Ready for use within a few seconds
  • Can be operated by a single person
  • Speed of descent can be determined by the user
  • Easy maneuvering in the evacuation flow
  • Forms no blockage on the stairs
  • Fits in any safety plan

​Different needs, different models. The kind of Escape-Chair® you need depends on the situation and person(s) to be evacuated. Therefore we offer models woth or without arm rests, leg rests, coated frames, padded head rests and other options. Our experts will be happy to explain and make sure you will get the right solution. Discover our all available models.

The Escape-Mattress® is an evacuation solution, of which people with mobility problems can be moved in a horizontal position, to a safe location.

The Escape-Mattress® is produced in different models, to provide a solution to your specific situation.

People who aren’t able to leave their bed independently need to be evacuated using evacuation equipment. One of these aids is the Escape-Sheet®. A mattress with an Escape-Sheet® underneath can be transformed very quickly into an evacuation mattress.