Pfiffikus Mundwerkzeuge is a German dental laboratory that produces handmade Mouth Sticks and Head Pointers to operate iPad, Mobiles and all others multimedia Touchscreens.

These devices are designed to give people with loss of use of their upper extremities increased independence and function.

IPod Mouthstick With this iPad Mouth stick it is possible to use an iPad, Tablet, environment control device or smartphone without the help of hands, only with the mouth. The mouth stick allows you to apply light pressure on the screen controls. You can also write and draw on the iPad / Tablet or Smartphone with the Mouth stick. The entire Mouth stick weighs only 9.8g and is handmade especially for you according to your needs and wishes.

IPad Head Pointer Mounted To Hat BrimThe Head Pointer is a very convenient way to operate a touch screen or environment control unit, without hands. It can be attached on a pair of glasses and easily removed. With three simple steps it can be attached to a rigid brim of a cap or hat.

In order to be able to use the iPad in the correct viewing distance from the eye, the Tube can be telescopically adjusted between 20 and 40cm. The height of the stick can also be infinitely adjustable, so that the view of the screen is undisturbed. The Head Pointer is equipped with a hinged tip that adjusts to the ideal operating angle every time you touch it. This allows the user to position the pointer accurately and operate the touch screen. Scrolling and painting are also possible. The capacitive tip is very soft, so the screen can`t be scratched and no pressing is necessary. Only a light touch of the screen is required. It weighs only 13 grams

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