The ROWHEELS Revolution 1.0 transforms lives by enabling mobility and eliminating the aches and injuries often associated with traditional wheelchairs.

Rowheels-Revolution-WheelchairUsing the patented ROWHEELS Revolution 1.0 system you pull on the hand-rims to go forward. This pulling action uses more capable muscles in your upper back and shoulders resulting in a reduced risk of shoulder-related injuries.

The Revolution 1.0 feels easy to use because the unique ROWHEELS system requires 25% less effort than a traditional wheelchair. All thanks to maintenance free reduction gears built into the wheel hub.

The ROWHEELS Revolution 1.0 has an assisted braking system made possible because the wheel and the hand-rim are not directly connected. By simply pushing the hand-rim towards your body you engage the brake pads against the braking surface on the rim of the wheel.

All Revolution 1.0 wheelchairs come with oval hand-rims which have been shown to help reduce hand and wrist pain. For users with reduced or no grip, we also offer Q-grip and RibGrip hand=rims. RibGrip – is ergonomic and responsive, the soft rib discs increase performance and decrease fatigue. Q-Grip – uses an exclusive anti-slip, latex-free, neoprene coating for improved grip and control.

The ROWHEELS Revolution 1.0 is the first and only wheelchair specifically designed to work with ROWHEELS patented technology. This integrated whole chair approach results in greater comfort and extended mobility.