SoloRider Golf Cars

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Location Plano, Texas

SoloRider is engineered and built with our passion to keep players with a diverse range of challenges and disabilities in the game of golf. From seniors who experience challenges walking, through to veterans with multiple disabilities, every rider has a unique story.

SoloRider is very proudly made in Plano, Texas USA. We use American engineering, materials, components, fabrications and manufacturing to produce a world class specialty golf car that genuinely is a game changer and life changer.

The SoloRider single rider golf car is an example of technology that restores functional capacity [to play the game of golf], provides a healthful opportunity to re-enter social activities, creates self-confidence and self-esteem, and gives the person a sense of future. Suddenly the challenge of golf is back or a new undertaking… life is rediscovered.

Whether the SoloRider application is golf or “walking” dogs or bird watching or simple mobility on a large property or in a national park. Whether the use is for hunting, fishing, initial therapy or to address a chronic medical condition or long-endured disability, the attention to engineering detail, the unmatched quality, and understanding of social and physical and psychological issues by SoloRider is the SoloRider difference.