ZX-1 Back with chairThe ZX-1 is a Revolutionary Power Add-On Device that converts virtually any Manual Wheel Chair into a Powered Manual Chair! It is the only Device on the Market that requires No Tools or Assistance to attach and detach from the Device.

The occupant in the Manual Chair simply backs onto the Device and attaches to it. Once attached the ZX-1 is under full Power controlled by the Joystick. The Joystick Controlled Device allows for ease of operation and is an intuitive device to learn and operate compared to some of the other available Power Assist Technologies.

The ZX-1 has two powerful 24 Volt Gear Driven Electric Motors that are commonly found on most Large Power Chairs. It has the ability to operate on a variety of surfaces including; gravel, hard pack, rocky terrain, thick grass, etc. This ability sets it apart from other Power Assist Devices that are on the Market.