St. Lawrence Rehabilitation Center Wheelchair Seating Clinic

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Phone Number (609) 896-9500
Location Lawrenceville, New Jersey

St. Lawrence Rehabilitation Center Wheelchair / Seating Clinic offers a highly specialized clinic in wheelchair and seating assessment. It is the only one of its kind in central New Jersey. A team of professionals including a physician, physical and or occupational therapist, and a wheelchair vendor representative will help you choose by thoroughly evaluating your individual medical condition and lifestyle.

A licensed therapist will assess your range of motion, strength, functional mobility, coordination, postural alignment, sensation and balance as they relate to your wheelchair seating and mobility needs. Your home and work environments and your recreational and social activities will be considered in selecting a wheelchair. You will also have the opportunity to trial different wheelchairs and seating systems to assist you in making the best choice.

The professional team at the St. Lawrence Rehabilitation Center Wheelchair / Seating Clinic will obtain a prescription and all necessary paperwork, and write a letter of medical necessity for the wheelchair in order to justify reimbursement through your insurance company, providing you meet the qualifications. A preferred certified vendor will be present during the evaluation and will order the chair and handle all maintenance requirements of the wheelchair.