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WheelchairCardio Hit machineThe WheelchairCardio HIT machine is the only High Intensity Training machine that gets your cardio rate up in just seconds.

If you are confined to a wheelchair you need not to forget your physical well being and I am here to tell you how to get the most benefits (physical )from your wheelchair. And do it in just seconds a day.

The best way to get the most benefits from this machine is to do any swimming motion, the crawl, butterfly, back stroke, martial arts punching curls. But what ever way you choose, DO IT , it is fun to see and feel how you are improving in just sec. every time use the machine you will fill the gain.

The HIT machine improves health and fitness by lowering the blood sugar and giving a way to build muscle tissue in seconds , along with the all important cardio benefits. If you are in a wheelchair , how are you going to over come this lack of, circulation and muscle tone? It is easy with the HIT machine just seconds a day.