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United Spinal Association and Hollister Inc., are proud to jointly operate the Spinal Network. The goal of the Spinal Network is to ensure more peer support groups in cities and towns across the United States are connected to the very best resources to help people with SCI/D maintain independent and active lifestyles.

Together, the Spinal Network will establish consistent standards for local groups wishing to provide support for the people living with Spinal Cord Injury and Disorders (SCI/D), with an emphasis upon groups that promote independence and active lifestyle community integration.

We are currently offering Peer Support Grants of up to $500.00 to peer support groups that assist people with SCI/D and promote independence and community integration.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. As a condition of receiving a grant, group leaders will be required to provide opportunities to sponsors to address the group.
  2. As a condition of receiving a grant, group leaders may be asked by sponsor to distribute samples and/or literature to group participants.
  3. As a condition of receiving a grant, group leaders will be required to submit receipts and a brief summary of how grant funds were actually utilized at the end of the grant cycle.


Peer Support Grants are available to all support groups in the spinal cord injury/disorder (SCI/D) community in the United States. Grants are awarded bi-annually (December & June) for prompt implementation (January & July). Primary consideration will be given to proposals that:

  • Reward or promote independence in the community
  • Meet at regular intervals and in fully-accessible venues
  • Make significant effort to encourage active participation by people newly affected by SCI/D
  • Supplement or enrich independent living skills and/or psychosocial adjustment to SCI/D
  • Have measurable results
  • Demonstrate creativity and innovativeness

A grant selection committee will be formed consisting of equal numbers of appointees designated by the executive leaderships of United Spinal Association and Hollister Inc. The Selection Committee will meet bi-annually (December & June) in person or via teleconference to evaluate grant applications based upon a standardized rubric and make award decisions. Each representative will have an equal vote. In the event of a tie, the deciding vote will be cast by the chief executive officer of United Spinal Association, who shall also chair the Selection Committee

Apply For A Grant