United Spinal Association and its VetsFirst program are extremely disappointed in the decision of Senate Foreign Relations Committee Ranking Member Bob Corker (R-TN) to oppose the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).

Ratification of the CRPD is supported by major veterans and disability organizations that know this treaty is important for veterans and all Americans living with disabilities. Attempts to address access for people with disabilities on the international stage will be most effective if done through the platform provided by the CRPD. We believe that any concerns individual Senators have about U.S. sovereignty can be fully addressed as was testified to the Committee last month.

“Despite assertions to the contrary, ratification of the CRPD will not endanger U.S. sovereignty. We must not let misinformation limit equal opportunities for veterans and all people living with disabilities. By failing to support CRPD, Senator Corker is failing to support the millions of disabled American veterans who fought bravely in service of this country and its Constitution. To use that very Constitution as a reason not to support the treaty is a betrayal of their service,” said Heather Ansley, vice president of VetsFirst.

“I am shocked and dismayed that Senator Corker would abruptly cut off negotiations surrounding this crucial treaty and fail to support it. Doing so is a betrayal of the millions of Americans with disabilities, professionals, people of faith, and veterans who both need and want the Disability Treaty to be ratified. Our community is strong and committed, and we will continue to press forward in our work to support this treaty,” added Marca Bristo, president of the US International Council on Disabilities.

We call upon Ranking Member Corker to reconsider his opposition to the CRPD and work with the community to address his concerns. The U.S. needs to ratify this important treaty.

Call Senator Corker’s DC and Tennessee Senate offices.

Let him know that we will NOT go away!

You can contact Senator Corker at:

202-224-3344 or find his Tennessee office numbers here.

Send this picture to Senator Corker’s staff here with the message “Restart the negotiations!”