Wheelchair-signalThe team of experts behind the United Spinal Resource Center doesn’t need a wheelchair-shaped distress symbol to shine in the sky to bring them together, but for callers in need, they may be the closest thing to Spinal Cord Injury and Disability superheroes out there.

Every month, they use their unique skills and expertise to resolve hundreds of inquiries about spinal cord injuries and disorders. Here’s a quick look at the (super)heroes who make up the team.

I have really enjoyed working with Jane Wierbicky. She has really taken time to understand my health problems and taken her time helping me to understand what is going on with my body. She is efficient and very thorough and I appreciate her time. Thanks Jane!

I really am glad I found this website. It has been very helpful to me and my son. Thank you to all the exceptional people that are working to help all people that are suffering with spinal cord injuries. It helps so much to know that we are not alone and many professionals are there to help. Thanks for caring.

Great job all. A service that we need to provide here in BC.

The person I spoke to on the phone (Bill) was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. It helps to talk to someone who has first-hand experience with spinal cord injuries. Thank you so much for this service.

Daniela was very delightful to speak to, I called on my friend’s behalf, and she took the time to really listen. And when I told my friend about it he really felt a sense of positivity because there was support for him. Daniela, thank you so very much.

I never imagined I would get as detailed a response as I did, when I emailed your organization. There was a good deal of useful information, appreciated….

Even though my disorder is not classified as a SCI the response was still informative and welcomed. I appreciated not made to feel I am still out in the cold!

Bill was very concerned about my son’s situation and gave me some appropriate resources, as well as following up with several emails to me with even more suggestions. I was comforted and encouraged by his assistance.

Bill Fertig Bill Fertig, Director
Superhero he resembles: Captain America
Every team of superheroes needs a leader with vision who devises brilliant plans. That’s Fertig. “One of the greatest things Bill brings is an ability to see everything and connect the dots,” says Jane Wierbicky, the Resource Center’s nurse information specialist. “He’s super compassionate and tireless, and he’s great at bringing people together.”

Lindsey Elliott 2Lindsey Elliott, Director of Member Initiatives

Superhero she resembles: Wonder Woman
With laser-like focus and a big heart, Elliott is a problem solver who strives to improve and help everything she touches. Her background as a social worker gives her unique insight and makes her well suited to lead programs like United Spinal’s Peer Mentor Training. “She has built her programs to be much larger and deeper than when she took over,” says Fertig. “She brings drive, energy and enthusiasm to everything she does.”
Image of Jane WierbickyJane Wierbicky, Nurse Information Specialist
Superhero she resembles: Jean Grey
As the only team member with a background in nursing, Wierbicky is the go-to team member for tough medical cases, but she brings much more. “She has a great background and experience in different SCI experiences,” says Fertig. Elliott calls her the “heart and soul” of the team: “She always finds that personal human connection.”
Daniela CastagninoDaniela Castagnino, Information Specialist
Superhero she resembles: Beast
Castagnino is “the brains” according to her teammates. “She’s great at finding the right resources,” says Wierbicky. “She loves to dig deep and find things that can help people.” That passion makes her perfectly suited to the Herculean task of updating United Spinal’s voluminous resource guides. And she’s got a wicked sense of humor.

David Heard David Heard, Membership Coordinator

Superhero he resembles: Deadpool
Without Heard, inquiries might fall through the cracks or end up on the wrong person’s desk. He doesn’t let that happen. “He keeps things going behind the scenes,” says Fertig. “Living with SCI himself, he recognizes the needs people have, even in a routine email.”

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