Problems Getting Wheelchair Repairs?

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Problems Getting Wheelchair Repairs?

It has gotten harder and harder to get the right wheelchair parts and repairs. It is easy to vent frustrations at wheelchair suppliers but the underlying cause of most of these difficulties are the insurance policies dictating how parts and repairs are reimbursed.

We could try to explain competitive bidding but it would take too much time, and it still wouldn’t make sense. But what we can do is tell you what you can do to help create changes that would help all wheelchair users.

Our Senators and Representatives our inundated with numbers and facts. They have no idea how these policies affect us, UNLESS WE TELL THEM ABOUT OUR EXPERIENCES. You give legislation a face, a story, a meaning.

  • Have you had to wait long periods of time to get a repair done?
  • Have you had a broken wheelchair component (cushion, tire, head rest, joystick etc) that could not be replaced because insurance denied it?
  • Have you been limited in the supplier you can use or has your supplier gone out of business?
  • Also tell your Senators and Representatives about how those waits, those broken parts have affected your life. Did you need more assistance? Did you develop a new or worsened health condition? Were you stuck at home?
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spacerWe need YOU to give a short description about what problem or issue you have had getting a wheelchair, part or repair and how it impacted your life negatively.

(i.e. When my cushion needed to be replaced, Medicare denied reimbursement for the same type of cushion I have been using for the last 3-4 years. I developed a pressure sore, had to go to the wound clinic once a week for 6 weeks and was on bed rest for 2 weeks to allow for healing. Because I was on bed rest, I needed more help from personal care assistants and lost income from my part-time job.)

Your story, your voice is what really helps Congress make decisions.

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