Wheelchair Satisfaction Survey––Your Opinion Matters

| June 6, 2013


United Spinal Association advocates for wheelchair users to have greater access to appropriate wheelchairs and needed technologies and to become active members of their communities.Take the mobility survey

Wheelchair users are often left out of the decision-making process when it comes to obtaining their mobility equipment. Many individuals are never properly assessed and fitted for the right wheelchairs and mobility equipment that matches their critical needs.

Without active involvement in choosing the wheelchair that’s right for them, people with disabilities can get stuck with equipment that hinders their ability to remain independent and active within their communities. The wrong wheelchair can also increase health risks such as pressure wounds, infections and respiratory issues, and deny the pursuit of personal and professional goals.

United Spinal encourages consumer-driven healthcare processes and policies to foster self-direction and empowerment. We believe the personal experiences of wheelchair users in obtaining their mobility equipment, is a powerful tool to spark change and fix broken disability policies.

United Spinal is inviting wheelchair users to participate in a wheelchair satisfaction survey. The survey seeks to gather information and observations from individuals about their level of involvement in obtaining their wheelchairs. Armed with this valuable feedback, United Spinal can effectively advocate in front of legislators and healthcare professionals to improve policies that strip many wheelchair users of their livelihood and independence.

Scroll down to bottom of survey introduction page and click yes to take the survey. All feedback will be completely confidential.


05/03/2013: United Spinal’s UsersFirst program begins collecting surveys.
05/01/2013: United Spinal granted permission from Belmont University’s IRB committee to begin the research.
03/01/2013: United Spinal partnered with Belmont University to develop survey research.

Advocacy Action

Take the survey. Your input will guide United Spinal’s advocacy and legislative efforts.



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